Curated Reading List – Education

Update Date: May 2, 2020

Crypto is new to many people, however it will become increasing prevalent over time. Aside from using Roostoo to partake in real-time mock trading, here is a curated list of articles published by experts in the field that could help you deepen your knowledge on crypto assets and crypto markets.

Introduction articles

  • Blockchain basics by Mohit Mamoria — Link

  • Beginners’ guide to different cryptos by Linda Xie — Link

  • Building crypto applications by Jesse Walden — Link

Valuing crypto assets

  • Crypto evolution history by Alex Rampell — Link

  • Crypto Asset Valuation by Chris Burniske — Link

  • Token velocity by Kyle Samani — Link

Technical analysis

  • What is TA by Binance Academy — Link

  • Support and resistance levels by Investopedia — Link

  • Classical chart patterns by Binance Academy — Link

  • Explanation of indicators by Binance Academy — Link

  • 5 Popular Indicators by Binance Academy — Link

Other quality resources

  • Binance AcademyLink

  • Andreessen HorowitzLink

More about Roostoo

  • Internet of CryptoLink

  • Introducing RSTOLink